Elian Somers

Elian Somers (Sprang-Capelle, NL, 1975) lives and works in Rotterdam.
With a background in visual arts and architecture, Elian Somers investigates the urban and utopian landscape, in particular the interplay between architecture and urbanism, ideologies and (geo)politics. In recent years she has been working on projects as
A Stone from the Moon (2015-2022), One and Another State of Yellow (2013-2017), Border Theories (2009-2013), California City (2010-2012) and Droom als er ooit een was / A Dream if Ever There Was One (2006-2008). In these long-term, research-based projects she is in search of constructed realities and truths, hidden and virtual histories, and the utopian experiment. Multiple realities, histories and truths intermingle in her works.

Her works have been shown at various exhibitions, amongst others Border Theories (solo) at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2013), The Streets Are our Brushes, the Squares our Palettes (duo) at Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven (2022), Utopian Dreams at TENT, Rotterdam (2016) and Learning from... Rotterdam at Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshaven, Germany (2012). In 2013 the book Border Theories was published, in 2017 the publication One and Another State of Yellow was launched.