A Little World of Peace

The work A Little World of Peace (2016) was commissioned by TENT, Rotterdam. A Little World of Peace is about the city of Rotterdam and its utopian imagination. Rotterdam can be seen as a large construction site and ongoing urban planning machine. Within this framework, one of Rotterdam’s last paradise-like spots, the island Eiland van Brienenoord, has been subjected to all kinds of utopian plans over the years.
A Little World of Peace investigates the imagination and realisation of the real estate utopia on and around Eiland van Brienenoord. On the one side of the island the real estate fraud project Solaris becomes visible, on the other side the real estate dream Little Manhattan rises on the horizon.
The title of the work refers to a utopian plan for a Disney-like amusement park on the island, A Little World of Peace. This plan for Rotterdam anno 1985, published in 1973 in the newspaper Het Vrije Volk, can also be interpreted entirely different; as manifestation of a real estate utopia.

A Little World of Peace was shown at the exhibition Utopian Dreams in TENT, Rotterdam. The installation consists of photography, archival material and two accompanying text pieces.