One of a Set of Parallel Lines

The work One of a Set of Parellel Lines (2012) reflects on the utopian models of war that have been developed for the harbour cities of Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven (DE) since their early years. The work investigates the thinking underlying these models, as well as how concepts of defense and war strategy have been the starting point for urban development throughout the years. Emporer Wilhelm founded Wilhelmshaven in the 19th century as Germany’s future Kriegshafen. In the 1930’s Wilhelmshaven was incorporated in the fortification strategy of the Third Reich. In 1946, the British Allies planned to sink the entire city of Wilhelmshaven, the so-called Flood plan. It became the city’s turning point in history.

One of a Set of Parallel Lines was commissioned by Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven and shown at the exhibition Learning from… Rotterdam at the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven in 2012. The installation consists of one photo and a seven meter line of text-works reflecting on Wilhelmshaven’s ambivalent histories and politics.